Numerical Index to The Norwood Review 100-199

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No 100. December 1986. Bromley’s plans for Crystal Palace Park (including a hotel/conference/leisure complex on the Parade). Christchurch, Gipsy Hill rebuild. ‘Of course, there were two fires’ by Joan Warwick (the 1867 fire at Crystal Palace). ‘Bring Back The Palace’ result of questionnaire at the Subway Superday. ‘30th November 1936’ – the Fire by Joan Warwick.

No 101. March 1987. The Drinking Fountain in South Norwood Hill – history and detail by Joan Warwick. Obituary for Vera Fort. Plans for Crystal Palace. Bromley published ‘The Palace of the People’ by Graham Reeves. (Booklet). Raspberry Award scheme introduced. Donations to the Society: a complete set of photographs of St Michael’s Convent by Jill Dudman, and a programme of the Grand Opening Concert for the Festival of Empire at the Crystal Palace on May 12 1911 by Miss Maud Sutherland. ‘St John’s Church: A Hundred Years’ by Shirley Hughes.

No 102. July 1987. ‘Further Up the Wall’ (see No 99). ‘The Lourdes Convent School, 1919-1930’ by Mary Tidnam.

No 103. September 1987. ‘Camille Pissarro at the Crystal Palace’ Book by Nicholas Reed to be published shortly. ‘Saving our Archives’ by David Edwick. ‘Discovering the Drill Sergeant-Major’ enquiry about the Central School at Gipsy Hill. Article about Central Schools. School traced to 16 Gipsy Hill: in 1891 Norwood Central School, then Norwood Central High School. Not recorded in 1902.

No 104. December 1987. The Great Storm. ‘A West Norwood Childhood’ by Tom McHugh. ‘Father Brown’s Norwood Connection’ (G K Chesteron). Book ‘A Country Child of the 1890’s’ by Hilda Franks. ‘In the Year of 1904’ Christmas at the Crystal Palace by John Yaxley. Donation of bound volume of St Luke’s Church News for 1934. Last train from the High Level Station. ‘The Trade Union Started in Norwood’ (British Airline Pilots Association). ‘Early Memories of Norwood’ by Mrs Wintle (to be continued).

No 105. March 1988. ‘Crystal Palace – Norwood Heights’ by Audrey Hammond (book). ‘Born and bred in West Norwood’ by Frederick Crisp. Mr Alan Hollidge donated early minute books relating to the Norwood Cottage Hospital. Obituary: Kathleen Candy. Continued ‘Early Memories of Norwood’ by Mrs Wintle. ‘Crimean Peace at the Crystal Palace’.

No 106. June/July 1988. Donations: A sketch of the old Beulah Spa Tavern in the 1930’s by Mr S J Nicholls, an old postcard of Norwood Road near the Thurlow Arms circa 1930’s, and a copy of the annual report of Norwood and District Cottage Hospital for 1947 donated by Mrs H Wichtowski. Hope for St Valery. ‘Sir Ninian Comper and West Norwood’. ’Jean Rhys and Uppers Norwood’ by Ruth Fletcher. ‘Joseph Campbell, Founder of the Royal Normal College for the Blind’ by Anthea Batty. ‘Network South East is never that bad’ by Mary Tidnam. More on the pillar boxes of Norwood by Geoffrey Manning.

No 107. Autumn 1988. Plans well advanced for the hotel and leisure centre on the top terrace of Crystal Palace Park (objection by Lambeth Council). Norwood’s Parks: booklet by Rosendale Infants’ School Parents’ Association, and Marie Draper’s book on Lambeth’s Open Spaces (published by Lambeth Council in 1979). ‘Croydon’s Parks – an Illustrated History’ published by Croydon Council. ‘The End of an Era’ by Joan Warwick – the strange sacking of Augustus Mann. ‘Did the Romans shop at Grants?’by Muriel Shaw. Roman relics in Croydon. ‘Crystal Palace Nightmares’ alleges top writer Gavin Stamp criticising the proposed hotel/leisure complex planned for Crystal Palace, and advocating rebuilding the original Palace.

No 108. Winter 1988. Appeal for 26 dwellings at the end of Arnulls Road dismissed. Article on future roads provision. ‘Old Norwood Revealed’ by Geoffrey Manning. Complaint to Ombudsman about 197 Church Road and repairs. Demolition of Warminster Square. Open land at the corner of Fox Hill and Church Road. ‘Crystal Palace – Norwood Heights’ book launched. Article ‘Norwood’s Victorian Doctor Hetley’.

No 109. June 1989. St Valery listed Grade II. The Methodist Church in Knights Hill – compulsorily purchased and allowed to lapse into dereliction. Mrs Eva M Ford Robertson. ‘The Norwood Man who dived under a Cathedral’ William Walker of Portland Road saved Winchester Cathedral. ‘Lambeth’s Wartime Dustmen’ by Geoff Dent. ‘End of the Road for Jasper Road Landmark’ by Joan Warwick. ‘Strikes celebrate London and Croydon Railways’ 150 Years’ ‘In the Beginning’ by John Yaxley. ‘Publishing Venture Planned’ (book on Norwood Cemetery prepared by Geoffrey Manning).
No 110. October 2/1989. Cinemas of Croydon Book Review. West Norwood Cemetery. Palace Poets.

No 111. January 1/1990. Article on the other Norwood (USA) & the stolen banner. Founding of the
Friends of West Norwood Cemetery and proposed book.
No 112. March 2/1990. Zola and the plaque at Queen’s Hotel. Hilda Franks, oldest member, reaches 100. Local History Group successful meetings. Who was Edward Pizey and where was his art school in the 1830’s? Active West Norwood Cemetery Group report.

No 113. July 3/1990. Death of Hilda Franks. Zola plaque unveiled and article. The Pink House 187 Church Road article. Admiral Fitzroy (Lyndhurst 140 Church Road) article.

No 114. November 4/1990. Plan for South Norwood Conservation Area. Reprinting of the Story of Norwood and the Phoenix Suburb. Faithful George, the Cabman’s Dog – article from Platt’s Handbook of the Crystal Palace District, 1888, published by J Platt, Steam Printers, Westow Street
No 115. January 1/1991. Sydenham Hill Wood made a Nature Reserve. Article by Harold Marks, formerly of Auckland Road about Grete Marks, a well-known potter, and Renata and Charles Keeping, a famous illustrator who designed the first ‘logo’ used by the Society. List books and booklets available from the Society’s shop.

No 116. March 2/1991. West Norwood Cemetery – scandal over Lambeth’s treatment of it. Fabulous Faberge – Imperial Easter Eggs. Talk by long-time Norwood resident Geoffrey Munn, Managing Director of Royal Jewellers Wartski Ltd.

No 117. July 3/1991. Threat to St Valery. The 1,000 reprint of The Story of Norwood: 800 already sold. Reprint of The Phoenix Suburb being investigated. ‘Ringo’ Norwood’s gentleman of the roads (Eric Chapman).

No 118. October 4/1991. Third reprint of The Phoenix Suburb available. Talks by Surrey Archivists in July and September about looking after records and papers, mentions protection from strong light, heat and damp. ‘Ringo’ goes into a residential home in a wheelchair. Paintings by Audrey Hammond of St John’s Church, Auckland Road and article. The Lambeth Orchestra – article by Christopher Fifield, the Musical Director.

No 119. February 1/1992. Bernard Weatherill becomes P resident. Proposal to move CPFC from Selhurst Park to Crystal Palace Park. Martin Jarvis (actor) tells about about his childhood and friends when living in Sunset Gardens (off Cypress Road). Article about architect Sir Ernest George.

No 120. June 2/1992. New hotel and entertainment centre at Crystal Palace – ready to be built. The smallest cinema in the country – article by Joan Warwick. Cinema for 21 at Ronald Yeatman’s home in Knight’s Hill. Article about his life by the late Laurie Cudby, former librarian at Upper Norwood Library. H.G. Wells’ book Kipps – descriptions of Crystal Palace. Betjeman’s London – book by Pennie Denton – extract about sale of statues by the LCC in 1957.

No 121. October 1992. ‘John Ruskin’s view of the Crystal Palace’ by Mary Tidnam. ‘D H Lawrence and the Crystal Palace’ by Hugh Byford. ‘Serendipity’ by Joan Warwick.
No 122. February 1993. ‘Snooping in the Archives’ by Joan Warwick (All Saints’ Parish Records). ‘The Russian Lion That Roared In Norwood’ by John A McCoubrey (George Hackenschmidt). ‘Fanny by Gaslight’ by Betty Griffin (Michael Sadleir).

No 123. July 1993. ‘New Lamps for Old’ by Peggy Mitchell (Palace Grove). ‘A rural view of the Crystal Palace’ Betty Griffin on Richard Jefferies (1848-87). ‘Personalities of Norwood’ (local history event). ‘How Councillors Work in Lambeth’ by Cllr John Whelan.

No 124. November 1993. ‘Richard Church at the Crystal Palace’ by Betty Griffin. ‘What, No Water?’ The mystery holes in Beulah Heights by Joan Warwick.

No 125. March 1994. ‘Pissarro’s View with St. Luke’s’ by Robert Mullally. ‘Zola’s Norwood’ by Joan Warwick. ‘A part of Victoria’s London’ by Betty Griffin.

No 126 June 1994. Threat to Mavis Bank, A Local Author John Taine known as Eric Temple Bell. Part 1 of Jack Hobbs’ memories of Norwood. High Level Railway Festival Weekend.

No 127. September 1994. Entrance gates to South Norwood Recreation Ground. Plea to keep White Lodge Cottage, Biggin Hill. Article by Stephen Bucknall about the Compers, Bucknalls, tEyres and the Wests families at Fox Hill and Beulah Hill. Article pleading for restoration of Fitzroy’s tomb. Part 2 of an article by Jack Hobbs – memories of living in Norwood.

No 128. Novedmber 1994. Green Plaques for Croydon (anon). Articles: Remembrances of Upper Norwood 1912-1935 by Enid Richardson, ‘The Concrete Church’ by Richard Lines. Letter from Eric Kings on Kilravock House.

No 129. March 1995. Poem by Bob Bedwell - New Year’s Walk in Crystal Palace Park.

No 130. June 1995. Developer for the approved Crystal Palace Hotel (100 bedrooms) and entertainment centre pulls out – site contaminated. Publication ‘History of South Norwood’ being considered. St Valery being restored at last. Article by Richard Lines ‘William Blake and the Norwood Hills’.Ken Lewington suggests, instead of a hotel, the relocation of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Lindley Library to the Crystal Palace site.

No 131. August 1995. Article by Richard Lines ‘The Sculptor John Flaxman’. Article by Roger Brewer ‘Memories of Cypress Road’. Information sought about Martin Jarvis, actor (see No 119). Beulah Hill Pond. Article by Harold Lockwood ‘A Tale of Two Pities’ or ‘A Pub and a Pond’. Book Review – ‘Dear Mother’ by Angela Tuddenham. Available from the Society.

No 132. November 1995. Article by John Brown ‘In Search of the Conquering Hero Pubsign – Drake, Raleigh or Garibaldi – history of the Pub. Article ‘The Call of the Wild’ by Harold Lockwood – an account of Biggin Hill and its allotments. Article by John Coulter - ‘Illustrious Norwood’. Books ‘Crystal Palace and the Norwoods’ and ‘Brixton and Norwood in Old Photographs’ Book review ‘Down at Beulah’. Book review by Richard Lines ‘The Dickens Connection’.Book review by David Kenyon ‘West Norwood Cemetery’s Sportsmen’.

No 133. March 1996. Book review Angela Carter and ‘The Magic Toyshop’. Book reviews: ‘Croydon Old and New’ and ‘Crystal Palace, Penge and Anerley in Old Photographs.

No 134. May 1996. Obituary for Joan Warwick. Article by Philip Goddard ‘The Crystal Palace Site: where do we go from here?’ Article ‘Norwood’s Magic Toyshops’ by Michael Sisley. Article by Hugh Byford ‘The Church Lads of Holy Innocents, South Norwood’. Article ‘Farquhar Road in the 1930’s’ from The Meaning of Treason’ by Rebecca West - (William Joyce).

No 135. August 1996. Proposed schemes for the Crystal Palace site. Nicholas Reed leads a party around the Triangle – in the steps of Audrey Hammond. Article ‘The Old Jewish Orphanage in West Norwood’ by June Smith. Article ‘Old Kate’ by Michael Sisley. She lived in the cellars of derelict houses in the Farquhar Road area. Article about ‘Raby Lodge Preparatory School for Boys’ Holmesdale Road by Elizabeth Tonge. Article: ‘Was William Joyce Really a Traitor?’ by Robin Hughes.

No 136. November 1996. Landscaping at Crystal Palace Park by Duncan Kerr. Articles by Robin Hughes and Cllr Chris Gaster. Mrs Garnham by Michael Sisley. Book Review by Leo Held of ‘Norwood Past’ by John Coulter. Tombstone (West Norwood Cemetery) photograph Charles Raikes, who ran a small theatre in Northlands, top of College Road.

No 137. March 1997. Book review by Philip Goddard - ‘HMS Beagle’ by Keith S Thomson. Public Transport in Norwood – article by Michael Sisley.

No 138. June 1997. Articles: Ian Ritchie’s scheme for the Crystal Palace Top Site. Emile Zola book review. Article by Michael Sisley – ‘The Early Days of the Motor Car around Norwood’. Article by Edward Perridge about‘Saxaweald’ a large house now demolished in Highland Road. Two book reviews by John Coulter – ‘Edith Nesbit in South-East London and Kent’ by Nicholas Reed, and ‘Edith Nesbit and the Dinosaurs at Crystal Palace.’ By Betty Griffin. Book review/article by Peggy Denton ‘Walter de la Mare’, Poet of Anerley and South East London, ‘Imagination of the Heart’.

No 139. August 1997. Further comment on the Ian Ritchie scheme for Crystal Palace Top Site by Kenneth Campbell, FRIBA. Article by Richard Lines about Sir Ernest Shackleton, resident of Sydenham. Article about Charles Raikes and his theatre in College Road. Article by Harold F Bower ‘Norwood’s Public Transport in the 1920’s’. ‘Fitzroy and the Beagle – His Tomb Restored’ article by Peter Austin.

No 140. November 1997. The new Crystal Palace scheme – A challenge to the objectors by Nicholas Reed. Crystal Palace (Low Level) Station – What should be done? Article by Cllr Chris Gaster. Book review by Betty Griffin – ‘Emile Zola, Photographer’. Article by Peggy Denton ‘A Toy Factory in Westow Street? Article by Marion Pertwee ‘The Saints on Top’ (All Saints’ School). Margaret Finch, The Norwood Gipsy – article by John W Brown.

No 141. March 1998. Unveiling the Plaque to Joan and Alan Warwick: Report by Leo Held. Articles: ‘All Saints’ Churchyard in Victorian Times’ by Betty Griffin, ‘Another Factory in Westow Street’ by Sylvia Small, ‘A Redpath in Norwood’ by John Brown.

No 142. May 1998. Articles: ‘Casewick Road in the Thirties’ by Eloise Akpan, ‘More About the Redpaths of Norwood’ by John Brown, ‘Norbury Lodge and Dr Hetley’ by Philip Goddard, and ‘Magic Bookshops’ by Richard Lines. Poem ‘Crystal Clear’ by Ernest Mould.

No 143. September 1998. The new Crystal Palace scheme – objections and suggestions. Article by Eric Kings ‘Kilravock House Ross Road’. Article ‘Mount Pleasant – an 18th Century Romantic Mystery’ by John W Brown.

No 144. November 1998. New Crystal Palace scheme. For and against – A Monster or a Cultural Mecca?’ Article ‘The Fox Hill Triangle, a Tale of Humble Cottages and Elegant Mansions’ by Philip Goddard. Article ‘Biggin Wood’ by Betty Griffin. Book review by Nicholas Reed ‘West Norwood Cemetery’s Musicians’.

No 145. March 1999. Further comments on the Crystal Palace scheme. Article by Eloise Akpan (nee Smyth) - ‘A Boarder at Fidelis Convent in 1934’.

No 146. May 1999. Article by T W Jenkins ‘King Lear in Norwood’ (the hurricane). ‘Four Photographs of Bigginwood House – A story revealed’ by Nicholas Reed. Mystery postcard from Judy Harris. Poem ‘The Lovely Scene’ by M P S Denton. The Death of a Queen by John W Brown (Queen’s Hotel name change). Article ‘A Norwood Evacuee in Sussex’ by Eloise Akpan (nee Smyth). See No 145. ‘Magic Bookshops Revisited’ by Richard Lines.

No 147. September 1999. Article by Hugh Byford ‘South Norwood – The Society’s Forgotten Suburb’. Obituary Roddy McDowall. ‘My Garden Shed – A Landmark for the Millennium’ by Philip Goddard. ‘Thomas Lewis – Organ Builder’ by Adrian Adams. ‘Butterflies in Norwood’ by Betty Griffin. ‘The Day I Raced At Crystal Palace’ by Maud Markliew (nee Harris). ‘Croydon’s Built Heritage, Conservation Areas, Local Areas of Special Character and Locally Listed Buildings’ Book review by Eloise Akpan.

No 148. November 1999. Letter explaining background to the Portland Road Bridge Mosaic. Article ‘A Hidden Oak’ (15 Fox Hill) by Ruth Fletcher. Fire at Kilravock House Ross Road South Norwood. ‘King Lear in Norwood’ follow-up article (see 146). ‘Norwood Ephemera’ by Judy Harris. ‘A Miniature Tudor village in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia’ Laura Probert. Books about Peckham and Nunhead. ‘The End of the 20th Century in South London’ Prophecies from William Morris and H G Wells – article by Betty Griffin. Article ‘South Norwood. A Glimpse of Norwood’s forgotten Suburb in 1899’ by John W Brown.

No 149. March 2000. Article ‘Replace the Vicar’s Oak’ by John Medhurst. William Stanley’s ‘Utopia’ by Eloise Akpan.’Mrs A C Osborn Hann’ by Betty Griffin. ‘South Norwood Churches – an Update’ by Hugh Byford. ‘The Model Village in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne – A further Norwood connection’ by Laura Probert. The mystery postcard.

No 150. May 2000. ‘The Vicar’s Oak’ – a response from Bromley. ‘A Ruby Anniversary’ by Leo Held. 35 Beulah Hill development. ‘Cynthia Coleman and 1 Maple Road, Penge’ by Albert Klose. ‘Patricia’s Lost Adonis’ by Michael Flynn.

No 151. August 2000. Fire at All Saints’ Church, Rosendale Road, Dulwich. Article on church fires by Nicholas Reed. Further about a replacement Vicar’s Oak. Book review by Nicholas Reed ‘The Story of William Stanley’ by Eloise Akpan. Article ‘Essoldo Nights’ (cinema in Penge High Street) by Peggy Denton. Play review by Peter Steptoe of ‘The Ostrich and The Dolphin’ by Juliet Aykroyd. Book review by Nicholas Reed - ‘Croydon From Above’ by John Gent and Tom Sansom. The mystery postcard (see No’s 146 and 149) solved.

No 152. November 2000. Article suggesting a canal in Heavers Meadow, Selhurst by Eloise Akpan. Article from Bromley Council about a proposed cinema complex at Crystal palace. ‘A new solution for Crystal Palace Park’ by John Payne. Article by G H Gent about Mr Wilson’s Model Village and his workshop at 70 Hamilton Road. ‘All change in the Crystal Palace Triangle’ by T W Jenkins. H G Wells ‘Roundabout Penge at the Turn of the 19th Century’ by Betty Griffin. Book review ‘The Croydon Races’ by Jim Beavis (horse-racing in Croydon).

No 153. March 2001. Comments by Leo Held and Philip Goddard on the new Crystal Palace scheme. The Crystal Palace Dairy, Gipsy Hill. Extracts from Percy Fitzgerald’s ‘London City Suburbs Vol 2’ describing Norwood and the surrounding area. Contributed by Betty Griffin. ‘Jellied Eels, A London Speciality’ by T W Jenkins. ‘Sidney Colvin – A Norwood Man Of Letters’ article by Richard Lines.

No 154. May 2000. ‘An Octogenarian Looks Back’ by Alan Wesencraft. ‘Norwood’s Mystery Shops’ by John W Brown. Book review by Nicholas Reed of Eloise Akpan’s ‘The Story of William Stanley’. Article by Eloise Akpan ‘William Hurlstone South Norwood Composer’. Article ‘Gideon Mantell and the Dinosaurs of Crystal Palace’ by T W Jenkins. Book review and critique by John Coulter of Roger Hutchings’ ‘Crystal Palace Vistas’.

No 155. August 2001. Society’s response to Bromley’s Draft Development Programme 2001. Article ‘Sherlock Holmes’ by T W Jenkins. ‘More about Hurlstone and his Music’ by Hugh Byford. ‘More Reminiscences of an Octogenarian’ by Alan Wesencraft.

No 156. November 2001. ‘St. Mark’s Church, South Norwood and Norwood’s Listed Buildings’ by Hugh Byford. ‘A small incident’ by Fenwick Wesencraft (bomb on 321 Norwood Road). ‘Memories of the George the Fourth Tavern, Gipsy Hill’ by Grace Stymonds. ‘More Reminiscences of an Octogenerian’ by Alan Wesencroft.

No 157. March 2002. ‘Historic Drinking Fountain at Risk’ A cautionary Tale by Hugh Byford. ‘The Growth of Church Building during the 19th Century’ by Bill Pitt. ‘Early transport in the Norwood area’ by Alan Wesencroft. ‘The Future of Sir Ranulph Bacon House’ by Philip Goddard.

No 158. June 2002. ‘Crystal Palace – What Now?’ by Councillor Chris Gaster. Comment from the Beckenham Historian on ‘Early Transport in the Norwood Area’. ‘Late Pubs of Norwood’ ‘No 1 George IV and The Pretender’ by John Coulter. ‘100 Years of the Crystal Palace Band’ by Clare Lipscombe. ‘Thoughts on Beckenham’s Rivers’ by Pat Manning. Bood review by Nicholas Reed. ‘Monkey Hollis of Gipsy Road’ by John W Brown.

No 159. September 2002. Introduction by Bill Pitt, the new Editor. ‘One-Way Traffic in the Upper Norwood Triangle’ by David Bentliff. Book review ‘Fowler Family Business’ (Funeral Directors). Article ‘Emile Zola, French Novelist and Norwood Photographer’ by John W Brown.
No 160. December 2002. One-Way Traffic in the Upper Norwood Triangle Part Two by David Bentliff. ‘Sir J Ninian Comper’ by Simon O’Corra. Book review by Bill Pitt of ‘William Stanley’s School’ by Eloise Akpan. Letter from Mrs Florence Heller about the St John family in Westow Hill in the 1860’s and the Bramah family who lived in Norwood between 1820 and 1835.

No 161. Spring 2003. Crystal Palace Park reports. Letter: the Rev Walter Hobbs, Baptist Minister, Norwood Newtown and Gipsy Hill. More on One-Way System in the Triangle. ‘Change in South Norwood’ by Hugh Byford – contribution about William Stanley of ‘Cumberlow’. Article ‘Could the Lost Price be found in Norwood?’ by John Brown.

No 162. Summer 2003. Life of Ms Emily (Patricia) Perry. Article: ‘South Norwood Country Park’ by Pat Manning. Book Review by Bill Pitt: ‘Britain in Old Photographs – Norwood’ by John Coulter. ‘The Story of Norwood’ article by John W Brown about the Wilson family business.

No 163. Autumn 2003. More from David Bentliff about the ‘One-Way System’. ‘Celebrations’ by High Byford – Stanley Halls and St Mark’s Church centenaries (the latter 150 years). ‘In search of a long-forgotten country lane’ by John W Brown.

No 164. Winter 2003. ‘Another Norwood and a Canal’ by D Betty Griffin. ‘Little did I know’ by Douglas Hoare about Mary N esbitt and Augustus Hervey. Book review by Richard Lines ‘The Visionary Life of Joseph Paxton’ by Kate Colquhoun. ‘The Forgotten Man of Norwood’ Admiral Fitzroy by John and Mary Gribbin.

No 165. Spring 2004. Update on the Triangle One-Way System by David Bentliff. Book review by Bill Pitt of ‘The Palace of the People – The Crystal Palace at Sydenham 1854 to 1936’ by Jan Piggott.
‘The Horne Family Cricket Eleven’ by John W Brown. ‘A rooftop view from Dassett Road’ by Kenneth Day. ‘A French View of the Palace’ by John W Brown.

No 166. Summer 2004. More on the Triangle One-Way System by David Bentliff. ‘Norwood Technical Institute and College’ by Colin Bruce Sibley (to be continued). ‘Water Sculpture Display/Workshop’ A concept for the Crystal Palace Park from Ray Sacks.

No 167. Autumn 2004. ‘Pissarro and Norwood’ Article by Richard Lines. ‘The Goat House has gone: Long live the Goat House!’ article by High Byford. Book Review by Leo Held of Biggin Hill by Betty Griffin. ‘The Story of Norwood College Part Two’ by Colin Bruce Sibley, to be continued.

No 168. Winter 2004. ‘Samuel Coleridge Taylor’ by Bill Pitt. ‘Winifred Horne’s Autograph Book’ by John W Brown. Book review by Eric Kings ‘Britain in Old Photographs – around Crystal Palace and Penge’.

No 169. Spring 2005. Obituaries: Ileana Wallington and George Campbell (linguist). One-Way System update and NRUG news by David Bentliff. ‘The Tomb of Captain John Wimble’ by Eloise Ekpan. ‘The Story of Norwood College – Part 3’ by Colin Bruce Sibley.

(Note. No 169 was wrongly re-issued, with amendments, as No 182).

No 170. Summer 2005. Triangle One-Way System – Update by David Bentliff. The North Croydon Conservation Advisory Panel by David Bentliff. The launch of the Society’s Website. Book review by Eric Kings – ‘Britain in Old Photographs – Forest Hill and Sydenham’.

No 171. Autumn 2005. Article by Major Silva ‘A Memoir of the War in Ceylon. Book review by Leo Held ‘Obsession – a Life in Wireless’. Book review by Bill Pitt ‘Sydenham and Forest Hill – History and Guide’ by Joan P Alcock. Admiral Fitzroy Bicentenary – a special play.

No 172. Winter 2005. Article by Philip Goddard ‘A Tale of Two Pubs’. ‘A very brief history of the Upper Norwood Athenaeum’ by John Berry. ‘Forty-five Years of the Norwood Society’ by Bill Pitt and Leo Held.

No 173. Spring 2006. Crystal Palace Park Development update. ‘I remember the Crystal Palace’ National Birds Show. By Leo Held. Esso Petrol Station Victory. Norfolk Court Hotel by Betty Griffin. Obituary Hugh Byford

No 174. Summer 2006. Threat to ‘Gayfere’ Grange Hill. Renewed strategy for the Norwood Society by Peter Austin. Another planning application for the Esso Petrol Station. Sainsbury’s to come to Westow Street. ‘All Saints’ Organ’ by James Nye. ‘Dietrich Bonhoeffer 1906 to 1945’ by Bill Pitt. ‘George Moore’s Evelyn Innes: Zola’s Pupil and his Tale of Love and Early Music in Fin de Siecle Dulwich’ by Richard Lines. ‘The Norwood Sports Club Pavilion - The Early Days’ by Frank Lumb from an original piece by Steve Roud of Croydon Local Studies Library.

No 175. Autumn 2006. Article by Mildred Dodds: ‘No Strings Attached’ (Stanley Morrison of 37 Wharncliffe Gardens). Book review by John Brown: ‘The Incurables Movement – An Illustrated History of the British Home’.’Gayfere’ news. ‘The De Bunkski Code’ by Philip Goddard. (‘The more tosh you talk the more people will believe you’).

No 176. ‘Gayfere’ report. Tramlink Extension (route options). Mayor Livingstone and the Crystal Palace Sports Centre. 40 Westow Street (Jack’s Café) by Margaret Condon. Dulwich Decorative and Fine Arts Society by David Bentliff. Bell Green (Sydenham) Gasworks site.

 No 177. Spring 2007. First coloured cover showing the repainted South Norwood Clocktower. ‘Remember Stanley?’ by Leo Held. (100th anniversary of presentation of the South Norwood Clock).
 Book review by Richard Lines: ‘Thomas Ross of Kilravock House’. Book review by Bill Pitt: ‘Norwood Pubs’. Obituary: Captain Victor Marchesi. Article: (lecture summary) ‘Metropolitan Public Gardens Association (MPGA).

No 178. Summer 2007. Death of Lord Weatherill of Northeast Croydon. Article by Bill Pitt. Book review by Loquitur: Croydon Cinemas. Article: ‘The Meadow’ by David Khan. ‘Norwood Pubs - Further Thoughts’ by Eric Kings. ‘South Norwood Regeneration’ by Eric Kings. Gayfere news. The new South Norwood Baptist Church in Holmesdale Road.

No 179. Autumn 2007. ‘Snipping my way through the old Northwood’ by Margaret Condon.

No 180. Winter 2007. ‘Joan Yaxley – a Tribute’ by Leo Held. Obituary for Chris Gaster by Richard Lines. Paul Voigt – Pioneer in Audio, 1901-1981’ by David Khan. Updates: Cumberlow and Gayfere. ‘The Case of the Bread and Butter Pudding’ by Bill Pitt.

No 181. Spring 2008. Capel Manor College Farm visit. Gayfere update. ‘Rebuild the Crystal Palace’ by Sue Nagle. All Saints Re-ordering and Churchyard Gate restoration. ‘Norwood in the War – Some personal memories’ by Bill Pitt. Update for Cumberlow Lodge.

No 182. Autumn 2008. ‘Reflections on Parkland’ by Richard Francis. ‘Sir August Manns, Conductor at the Crystal Palace’ by Anna Lines. Book review by Eric Kings ‘Upper Norwood Triangle Memories’ (Beryl Cheeseman). Obituary – Kenneth B Lack. ‘Colonel Gouraud of Little Menlo, Beulah Hill’ article by Eric Kings. ‘Schools in South Norwood’ by Betty Griffin. Book review by Eric Kings ‘Sir Ninian Comper – an introduction to his life with work with complete gazetteer’.

(No 169 was wrongly reproduced, with minor amendment, and issued as No 182).

No 183. Winter 2008. ‘The Trail of Norwood’ and ‘Glimpses of Norwood’ reprinted. Article from the Croydon Advertiser: ‘Legacy from a time in exile’ (Emile Zola). Further to Schools article and St. Mark’s School from Martin Wheatley. ‘Norwood Grove’ by E. L. ‘The Crystal Palace Corner’ article by Ephraim Pemberton. Obituaries: Major W P J Silva MBE by Eileen Silva, and Mildred Dodds. Book review by Eric Kings ‘The Tannoy Story’.

No 184. Spring 2009. ‘South Norwood’s Canal’ by Ezekiel Pemberton. John Hickman’s talk on Norwood to a fund-raising meeting. ‘The Sad Story of Susan Shaw’ by Michael Viner. Obituary: Gunnvor Sannerud Stallybrass by Anna Lines. Obituary: Betty Griffin.

No 185. Summer 2009. ‘John Logie Baird and the Crystal Palace’ by Ephraim Pemberton. Obituary: Leo Held. Book review by Isaac Pemberton: ‘Canals to Croydon and Camberwell’. ‘London’s Water Supply’ - note by Eric Kings of a talk by Brian Bloice. ‘Conservation in Croydon’ – a talk to the Society by Paul Robertshaw. ‘Norwood’s Stench Pipes’ from a talk by Brian Bloice.

No 186. Autumn 2009. Kingslyn Part 1, National Sports Centre Visit, Book Reviews – Camille Pissarro at the Crystal Palace, The Atmospheric Railway, History of All Saints’ School Upper Norwood.

No 187. 50th Anniversary Concert, Dora Boothby Tennis Champion, Charles John Letts, Book Review John Logie Baird, A Life, Talk by Dr Heath on Geological History, The Jersey Lily, Talk ‘The Dead Centre of Streatham’ Obituary for Harold Lockwood, article on Josiah Stamp.

No 188. Anniversary Concert, Albert Court – Norwood to California in 1892, Kingslyn Part 2, Laurence Coussell – filmmaker, Windermere House in the 1950’s (photo), Entertainment Venues around Norwood, Re-opening of The Maze at Crystal Palace, Upper Norwood Public Library.

No 189. Royal Normal College for the Blind, Poem ‘Upper Norwood’ by Don Attenborough, Gayfere and the Grundy family, Red sky at night by Maud Markliw, Henry Tate.

No 190. Plaque for Marie Stopes, August Manns, Norwood Australia, Book Conan Doyle The Norwood Years. Gerald Massey, London City Mission.

No 191. Obit Bernard Davies, All Saints’ Church history, Times letters Fitzroy and libraries. The Billiard Saloon Westow St, History of Brockwell Park, Article Brock’s Fireworks. Wilde Norwood Poem

No 192. Leslie Howard Book, Guy Verstraete, Samuel Coleridge Taylor, Programme for the Royal Cinema May 1945, The Norwood Spur Railway Line, Raymond Chandler, Norwood and the Vengeance Weapons. Dick Whittington at the Stanley Halls.

No 193. South Norwood Subway Art, Beulah Heights History, King’s Speech and Lionel Logue, Hilcox Wilcox and Anna Neagle, Henderson’s Film Laboratories, William Stanley, Obiturary John Gent, Horniman’s Art Exhibition 2011.

No 194. Notes from the Norwoods, Webmaster’s Report, Crystal Palace Conference, Talbot and Blue Door Bicycles, Archie the Elephant’s Odyssey, Emile Zola and the Queen’s Hotel, The Zermatt Puzzle, Up the Hill to Cypress School.

No 195. Obituaries Betty Holdaway and Ken Russell. Future of Upper Norwood Library. Books: West Norwood Cemetery Necropolis, Old Croydonians Centenary, High Level Railway. Handley’s Brickworks, Falkland Park, South Norwood Lake and Ice-Cream.

No 196. Obiturary Dennis Britton. Abraham Steer and the Norwood Sports Pavilion. St John’s Church Upper Norwood, ‘Monkey Hollis’ Charlotte Stopes.

No 197. Upper Norwood Library, High Level Railway, A Second Selection (photographs). The Greek Necropolis. Road Names. Royal Jubilee.

No 198. South Norwood Subway, West Norwood Cemetery Guide. Book Review ‘A Cog in the Wheel’. Ben Brown. Croydon Secondary Tehnical School.

No 199. Obituary Iain McAsh. Letter from a maid in Church Road. Thompson-Bywaters murder. Vintage TV and Wireless Museum. Wolseley cars.

No 200. Pneumatic Railway, Albert Charles Osborn (1). Herbert L’Estrange Ewen. Walter Bentley Woodbury. Sir Hiram Maxim.

No 201. Albert Charles Orsborn (2), Bunny Austin, William Walker MVO, Winchester Cathedral, HMS Royal George.

No 202. Albert Charles Orsborn (3), The Golden Jubilee Drinking Fountain, Henry Bessemer, The Crystal Palace Subway.

No 203. Design for the New Palace, Lambeth’s Edwardian Splendours (Book Review), Walter Hobbs, Pickles (dog), Bombs and Bus Routes, Blue plaque for Leslie Howard, Post Service in Norwood, Golden Jubilee Drinking Fountain installed.

No 204. Local History News, Mystery Houses, South Norwood – the future, Norwood Postal Service – postscript, Strange Air (book review – pneumatic railway. Ira Aldridge, The Anderson and Morrrison shelters.

No. 205. Obituary David Khan, Mystery Houses and other places local history news, Gordon Jacob, Clockworks, Lavengro Road.

No. 206. Book Review “In the Catacombs”. Crystal Palace Brewery, Henry Wallis, Theodore Dru Alison Cockerell. Alan Octavian Hume. William Joyce.

No. 207. El Palacio de Cristal. Blue Plaque for Raymond Chandler. Book Review “Care & Conflict”. Naked in Norwood, Postal Service, Norwood’s own ship.

No. 208. A Brave New World 1945-65. Book Review Lionel Atwill, Dougie Roderick, Norwood Lake, Scott the Bootmaker, Prefabs in West Norwood, The Pleasure Garden.

No. 209. Notes from the Norwoods, Balloons & Aeroplanes at the Crystal Palace, Book Review Elder Ice.

No. 210. Crystal Palace Subway, Balloons & Aeroplanes at the Crystal Palace (continued).

No. 211. Christmas at Norwood Children’s Home, Researching family history, What the papers said, Balloons and Aeroplanes at the Crystal Palace. Obituary Rosemary Comber.

No. 212 Spring 2016. From the Chairman; From the Secretary; Planning Notes; Local History Report; Boundaries; What the Papers Said; Bi-Centenary Sir William Sterndale-Bennett; Book Review: Winifred Gérin - The Remarkable Life of a Writer from Norwood; Paupers’ Funerals; The Business of Stonemasons & Undertakers.

No. 213. Summer 2016. Local History News; Gracie Randall; Life on South Norwood Hill pt3; Lambeth Architecture 1965-99; Memories of Upper Norwood; Woodbury on Biggin Hill, Upper Norwood - a bygone place of art, literacy and scholarship.

No. 214. Autumn 2016. From the Secretary; Notes from the Norwoods; Local History News; Britain’s first Piped Music; The two Phillipses at the Norwood Cottage Hospital; What the Papers Said: Life on South Norwood Hill pt4; Memories of a South Norwood Childhood, Growing up on Parry Road.

No 215. Winter 2017. Planning Notes; The Norwood Cottage Hospital Local History Report; River Effra (book review); Izod at the Palace; What the Papers Said: Life on South Norwood Hill pt5; A Glimpse of Ancient Egypt,: The Inscriptions on the Crystal Palace Sphinxes; Growing Up in Parry Road (Part 2).

No. 216. Spring 2017. Planning Notes; St John’s Upper Norwood - The Early Years Local History Report; The Disappearance of Emile Zola; What the Papers Said: Life on South Norwood Hill pt5; The Boundaries Project; Growing Up in Parry Road (Final Part).

No. 217. Summer 2017. Notes from the Chairman; Richard Lines - An Obituary; The Triangle Shops Project; Missing Plaques; Current Shops; Memories of The Triangle; The Dairies of Upper Norwood; The London Mozart Players; News From The Norwoods; Local History Report; Notes From The Editor.

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