Beaulieu Heights Park - Opening 1965

The woods at Beaulieu Heights, a remnant of the Great North Wood, were opened to the public as an open space by the Mayor of Croydon on Saturday, March 27th 1965. The Society’s Chairman, Mr Alan Warwick, was invited to be one of the official guests. The Society has always shown a great interest in the woods, and one of its first corporate actions was to approach Croydon to carry out the work which has now been completed. It was as long ago as 1938 that the site was acquired by Croydon Corporation under a covenant by the Church Commissioners that it should be used as a public open space.

Paths have been built through the woods, old trees and undergrowth removed, and tons of rubbish, dumped there over the years, carted away. New trees have been planted, too, a hundred of them along round a grassy open space which has been laid out where the old allotments used to be. Later, there are plans for a walled garden, where old people can sit in quiet and comfort, as well as a play space for children*.

A member of the Parks Department told us: ‘We are absolutely delighted that Beaulieu Heights are to be open at last, after so many setbacks. We shall go on improving the woods as the opportunity arises.’

*Alas, the Park has gained an unsavoury reputation, and is not currently popular.It was originally part of the estate of the Beaulieu Heights mansion, which has been restored and converted.

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